AR Scaling

Hi All,

It’s a generally straight forwards question, but I have a large building in real world scale that I’m spawning and scaling down to 0.01. Of course when this is done some materials will change, things like wind settings and scales in materials.

Is it better to just have the building already scaled down to 0.01 so there’s no scaling through the blueprint or will that affect lightmaps at such a small scale in the scene? For instance the Volumetric Lightmap Detail Cell Size will be very sparse so the lighting will be affected.

Would it perhaps be better to include a “material global scaler” in the blueprints that will help scale the materials from 1 to 0.01?

I just want to make sure what I see in the viewport will closely match that once it’s scaled down.

Many thanks and I’ll try to clarify if things seem obtuse.

It’s frustrating that no one has answered your question yet. Did you find an answer? I’m faced with the same situation.