AR Scaling a scene in game.

So I am having issues scaling my scene in for an AR app. What I have is a scene that is representative of 3 meters squared but what to be able to scale that in my application so it can fit on multiple plane sizes, depending on what the user has around them, a coffee table or a small desktop for instance. I have tried multiple avenues and found little to no success, such as:

Scaling the player’s pawn
Scaling/moving the alignment transform
Moving the players pawn/camera further away

This seems to be a really important aspect to have, because just scaling down the geometry would be a nightmare, as physics, particles, AI would all have to be adjusted to compensate for the smaller scale of AR. Surely there is a an easy way to configure and manipulate this in game.

Any info or help on this would be really appreciated.

Back in the 4.17 I was adding empty actor to the scene and attached geometry of the level into that actor, that way I only had to transform one actor. After some tweaking of the settings I was able to even add nav mesh and simple AIs with that tiny scale in mind. It is doable but I don’t feel like this solution is a way to go.

Unity has the ability to scale the camera viewport, so you build stuff up with normal 1:1 scale in the edtior and have ability to scale everything without actually breaking anything.

Chance mentioned some time ago that they haven’t figured out a proper way to scale world yet, but are working on it.

Yeah I have scaled my scene down with really SMALL A. I. And then adjusting the nav mesh but it becomes really buggy. I’ve watched unity at Gdc and they had an awesome way of scaling a scene using multiple camera rigs. I think I’ll have to make the app in the hope that epic resolve this in the future then move my project over.

If anyone else has any other ideas that would be great though

Bumping this to see if anyone else has a solution?