AR Sample and/or other projects starting in AR only packaging out to android 24?

Downloaded the AR sample project from the 4.18 blog post but it will package out to android 24 and will not load onto my phone (android 25). In the log it says, “Java has detected depreciated inputs, reverting to 24” or something like that but I don’t have android 24 installed?
So when I try to install to 7.0 or higher on phone it says it’s not compatible, it needs to be android 25.
Also, I usually use an android manager to install, but since the phone connects fine I just use the installation file from the package, so I’m not sure what happens when using an android manager.

Check the value you put in the Minimum SDK and Target SDK Android project settings. The AndroidManifest.xml is read after the APK is installed by the device to verify it is supported. The above indicates you set it to 25 (7.1) as required but your phone is on 24 (7.0).

Thanks, it works, but it goes to this screen. Says not available and hits in x and y plane, says android true on startup. Blank screen, think it might be the phone or I should be using 4.17 version not sure, maybe 4.18 sample only works on 7.1 androids. Just had to set it to android 24 like you said.
Edit: Looked at ARCore says only google pixel and s8 phones support ARCore preview, was using S6, my bad

Alright nevermind, I tried android 25 on my tablet that is 7.1.1 and there was nothing, same as the 3 screens above, so it’s not working on 24 or 25? Getting those screens for both. The camera isn’t showing up at all.

ARCore requires android-24 or above and the ARCore plugin in Unreal 4.18 is still the developer preview version, it only works with supported phone for now.(ARCore overview  |  Google Developers)

You are seeing a black screen probably because ARCore isn’t supported on the devices you were testing. You can query if ARCore is supported using UGoogleARCoreSessionFunctionLibrary::IsGoogleARCoreSupported() function.