AR Quickstart Guide - what a farce.

Ah what a cool idea I have, present in my mind. I wish to extract that neat idea and make it in the Unreal Engine 4! I want this very badly.
To begin I spend several years getting to know the Unreal Engine. I then find the AR quickstart guide. I do what it says, and follow its prerequisites.
This takes me to the Android setup guide I find the Android Works installer. Huzzah! At last, my journey of creation can begin!
Not quite, it says I need to install Microsoft Visual Studio. This makes some sense, so I free up space on my hard drive, install VS2017. But alas!
Nvidia Tegra is another prereq, and just does not jive with VS2017. This means I have to uninstall it, and install MS2015!

Emboldened, I set out on a fresh path. I have done this before, and I will do it again. This is the struggle of a developer. This is the fundamental truth of us.
I google all the way to the dungeons door. I find myself wanting to turn back, but I steel myself and press on. Deeper into Microsoft I plunge, logging in, signing my name on the dotted line so the demon permits me entry. What I see next is unexpected.

“We do not have any downloads for you.”

TL;DR: Some random shmuck like me literally cannot develop AR apps for Unreal because of a twisting tapestry of interwoven dependencies and outdated tutorials.

What do you mean by “Nvidia Tegra does not jive with VS2017”?

@GrogBeard , why don’t you uncheck Nvidia Tegra? I had the same issue here and unchecked, after that, my Android projects worked well and I didn’t noticed the difference at all.