AR on WINDOWS 8/10 tablets - Handheld AR template not working(DYNAMIC MIXED REALITY support in UE4)


I’m trying to run UE4-AR Apps on a tablet (or laptop) running full blown Windows 8 or 10.

Is the “Handheld AR” template for Android / iOS only ?
I keep getting the error
Attempting to start an AR session but there is no AR plugin configured. To use AR, enable the proper AR plugin in the Plugin Settings.
I activated the plugins “Apple ARKit” and “Face Support”, “google ARCore” and “ARCore Services” and “Mixed Reality Capture Framework”
Running the “Starter Map” from the “Starter Content” also doesn’t have any navigation response.

I read that AR testing needs to run on the native Android or iOS platform but that’s not the target platform.
MS Surface or other tablets / laptops running Windows is.

So, my QUESTIONS (for now):
A) What would be the “proper plugin” to enable for devices running Windows?

**B) **What is required in order to run an AR project from the UE editor or as standalone on the dev machine?(“mobile preview ES2” doesn’t work either)

C) Is “microsoft mixed reality” what we need for this to work, and if so, what needs to be installed on the dev machine and/or the target?

D) When “hijacking” the “mixed reality capture framework”, using the tablets built in webcam how would tracking be implemented for the DYNAMIC camera? (ARKit??some SDK or Epic / 3rd party plugin?)

The UE docs on MR weren’t really helpful and are geared towards locked-off cameras for calibration and tracking hardware for dynamic cameras.

The condition is to AVOID using Vive or other tracker hardware attached to the tablet / laptop or in the room!

E) Does MRC require a connected VR headset ?
It seems to use the VR Spectator Screen by default, but is it possible to output on a Display(i.e.monitor/integrated screen) even when there’s no VR headset present?

I have more questions but I’d really like to get started with a working template / prototype first…plus, these are quite enough already…(;

thanks a lot for your help!