AR Object Placement and Scale

Hello All,

I have Furniture that is to scale. Yet when I place it in using the BP_Placeable Blue Print the object comes in very very small. no matter the distance or location placed. I’ve made sure that teh BP was set to 1x1x1 and that the mesh imported is actually the right size.

Any thoughts as to what is going on via the object?

Can confirm that correctly sized SMs at a scale of 1 spawn at the correct size in AR (ARKit)
I know it sounds silly but is your mesh actually the correct size? 100 Unreal units = 1 metre so a 1m box would be 100x100x100 in Unreal.

Yes it is to scale. I’ve tested it on a VR project in a separate file. I know the Unreal Unit Scale. 1unit=1CM

Does the unchanged AR template project spawn objects at the correct size? I can’t recall any hidden scale factors that I had to change (although my memory isn’t what it was!)
Maybe a screenshot of your wrong sized BP_Placeable properties would be useful for troubleshooting.