[AR] [Mobile] Transparency and Masking

Hey everyone, a general question about development on mobile. I looked over the materials sections and they talk about transparency being extremely expensive for mobile, however, I need a way to mask a given object so it can’t be seen from the back.

More or less I am looking to have an object get masked by another object (although it doesn’t have to be another object if it will work on the subject itself). Something in the realm of cloaking was were I was trying to go with it.

Granted after trying a bunch of tutorials on that transparent materials, when I switch it over to mobile it just doesn’t work at all.


  1. Do transparent materials not work on mobile at all? If they do, how do you make them work?
  2. Is there a way to mask an object with a transparent object? I saw some things about custom depth but didn’t know if that applied to this or not?

Thanks to anyone that can help.