AR handheld template Default not working on device

Default packaged AR handheld template is not working on device.

Tried to build a test from a fresh template.

It get stuck on Begin Scan widget
if I set target API 30 it just stop at splash screen. Tried different combinations of API level (29,30,31), 32 and 64bit, APK on/off and it’s always stuck on splash screen or on Begin Scan widget.
If I Launch from editor output log show no errors but it get stuck on widget screen on default, in case of using API 30 or 31 it get stuck on splash screen or it wants a descriptor file.

How can I make this working?

Tested on Xiaomi 11T Pro and Samsung A52. Android 11. Using Engine version 4.27.1. I can deploy other non AR projects to same devices. No numbers in project name.

Please help!

Apparently, SDK Level 30 requires ARCore version 1.25 or higher. 4.27 is currently on ARCore version 1.22. Fix in UE5.

Previous thread with more information: Can't get ARCore session to start

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