AR Handheld template android performance

I’m trying to create a simple AR demo with 4.23 on a Galaxy S7 using the AR template. However, the performance is absolutely terrible. This is with essentially a blank project, the FPS fluctuates wildly between 60 and like 5 FPS. Is there any hope to use UE4 on this phone, or do I need to just use Unity for this?

I’ve put together two AR projects in 4.23 and I use my Moto X4 to test them. Haven’t had a single FPS issue except when I tested something with ‘Enable Tick’ actually turned on.

It seems to work fine on some phones. But on the S7, performance seems to degrade until the app freezes, even with nothing on tick.

When creating the project, did you set the quality to scalable3d/2d or high end? This can still be changed afterwards in the project settings under “Target Hardware”.

On the device with the app running, tap with 4 fingers on the screen. This will open a console command window. (could be disabled in the input settings)
You can enter stat commands, that give you info to find the cause. e.g. stat Unit, stat TickGroups, stat UObjects
more here:

Did you build light in the editor before packaging? This only works in SM5 shader mode, not in android or iOS shader preview mode, but it is also necessary for those platforms.
Because if light is not precomputed, the app will do this during runtime. This might cause a performance drop.
(This behaviour can be disabled. In the project settings under “rendering” is a check to allow building light at runtime.)

If it persists with only one certain device model, in the “Device Profile Manager” (in the UE4 editor) one can set adjusted performance settings for certain devices.

Good luck! If you had success, please share what the solution was for us to learn, thanks.