AR Core: How to get "true/magnetic" north of the earth in blueprints?

in the last couple of days I experimented with the AR Core plugin and wondered if it is possible to set the world alignment to the magnetic north of the earth.
Is there a free plugin or tutorial available which is capable of accessing the compass of an android device or has anyone a solution for my problem?

Thx for any help :slight_smile:

For Android you should be probably able to use this: Magnetic Field Toolkit - Marketplace - Unreal Engine Forums (although it’s not free). Alternatively you can also check out this (GeoLocation in Code Plugins - UE Marketplace) one, which should support magnetometer for both platforms as stated in the description:

“This provides the current heading of devices with magnetometers to Magnetic North on iOS/Android. On iOS and Android this component can also provide the current heading to True North.”

Just to let you know: I wasn’t able to test both of them yet, but should be able to soon.

Hope that helps.

Thx anyway.
I hoped that it’s somehow possible without this plugins, but i guess I either have to wait until they add it to AR Core or just buy a plugin. ^^