AR Core Don't Work, Black Screen at Every Start

Hi every one, i work on a AR application on unreal 5.0, i follow all step in tuto ar, and two month ago, i’ve already the black screen problem, like many people on all unreal version, after long research, on a other site, i found the solution, someone tell to check an option in project settings, not the arm64 option or the “enable arcore”, something else, i don’t remember, now i check all forums and they all tell the same things who don’t work(arm64, arcore, hdr…)
anyone have solution?

Go to : Releases · google-ar/arcore-unreal-sdk · GitHub
Donwload :
And convert require app into ue5.0 (HelloARUnreal)
Try a build to confirm their app work on your device
Then check the difference between your project setting and their project
Stupid but that work for me