AR content lose tracking after sleep mode

Hello I have a problem with my AR app.

I have set up my app so that I spawn content when an image has been detected, using this tutorial: ARKit 1.5 Image Detection in UE4 4.20 | by Joe Graf | Medium , and it works great. The problem occurs when I put my device to sleep and open up the app again, all my content appears in a different location based on how my device was oriented when I turned it off. I want to fix this so my content can stay in the same place or be able to place it in the right place again but I don’t know how to do that.

I have tried to remove the image plane but it didn’t work. I have also tried to open the level again upon reactivating the device and stopped the AR Session but same thing there.

Is there any way I could either delete all the planes and start over from scratch without restarting the app or update the transform of my content so that it appears on the detected image?


I didn’t fix this but I noticed that if you scan more of your environment and find more information about your surroundings (tracking more planes etc), and then turn off and on your device, the content seems to snap right back to to the correct place.

I hope this’ll help anyone who is looking for a similar solution.