AR bad camera quality

Hello, i did AR project and i got a problem with the camera quality on my oneplus 7 and huawei p30. In the camera i have a great camera quality, but in the UE4 AR application, i see very pixeled bad quality… Hope it’s will work fine on the iOS devices, but if someone knows how to fix that, or improve camera quality in UE4 AR just write the answer.

I attach the images on my oneplus 7(android 10, last update) camera and UE4.24.2 AR camera:

something about the output media texture is doing this. i usea professional video capture card called Blackmagic i get similar issues as well. it could be a plugin problem i’m not sure

Sounds like the same issue as in this post here, have a look.:…managed-camera

Yes, i think it’s locked, we cannot do better quality i think it’s something from the engine part…

Yes, i saw that, but without any good fix or answer…

The other post said it would be resolved with version 4.23. (I did not try it myself)

It is always very helpful to also give some info on which engine version and platform (maybe mac, linux) is used.
If your problem is with Unreal version 4.23 or later, i recommend reporting this bug at
This way other developers who encounter the same problem can vote for fixing this issue.
Otherwise no one from Epic will do anything, if at all.

Good luck, hope it will get fixed soon.

Hi, i found the issue.

It is another bug again :confused:, when MobileHDR is disabled in the Projects Settings, under Rendering, the camera image renders with wrong contrast. This happens on iOS, i have to android device to test, but it is the exact same problem.
Affected version are from UE4.22 to current UE4.24.

The fact that Unreal documentation tells users to disable MobileHDR(!) by setting graphics to “Scalable 2d/3d”
and that it takes over three full releases until this problem gets determined is a testament to Epics poor testing and no staff ever reading these forums or answerhub.
ARkit and ARCore plugins should to be marked as “experimental”, that would be honest, as they are too broken and undocumented.

If you test this on Android, please leave feedback if this solved it. I will submit a bug report and it would be helpful to mention whether both, ARKit on iOS and ARCore on Android, are affected in the same way.

Thanks for the replay, i checked AR project on 4.24.3 without mobile HDR and it’s not helped or maybe a little bit only. I tested on my oneplus 7.

You misunderstood. You need to have mobileHDR ON, not off.

Also tried it’s the same with HDR or without.

Ok, thank you for the feedback! I don’t have these android devices here to myself.
Then i think it should also be reported as a bug.
It would be great, if you happened to find the time to do this and including your project (using File > Package Project > Zip Up Project is the best method).
It would also benefit other users with this issue.
Good luck for a fast fix!

We still have enormous problems with the camera quality in UE4.25. Blacks and whites are crushed, it‘s like a wrong gamma is applied to it, but we have no way to influence it. In short it is completly unusable for any production level App on Android.

The image of the camera app is way better, so it is a problem with UE4.

It really starts getting annoying working with Unreal Engine. It is completly unreliable for AR Stuff and every new Version breaks more than it fixes. Does Epic Games even care anymore?

Slow or inexistent AR Core updates, new problems each release… If we hadn‘t invest too much into the development with Unreal Engine already we would have left it months ago.


@uexilon We can understand very well, as we are also extremely frustrated with Unreal Engine for AR. Furthermore ARkit on iOS is also not without breaking problems.

Epic remains silent, no fixes, no roadmap. There are community managers, evangelists, and what not, but no communication at all.
One has to get a custom license for 1500USD only to communicate with anyone at Epic via Unreal Developer Network (UDN).

But if they would then actually fix this mess (and if so – when?), is another question. It’s a 1500USD gamble with no guarantee that anything will become usable.

@Amanda.Schade Not sure who to notify here, but it would really be great for us AR Devs to know what Epic Games plans to do about the current and ongoing problems with Smartphone based AR. While it’s great to see other AR solutions being supported, Smartphone based AR dwarfs every other AR solution regarding reach and is the only one actually usable with individual consumers.

It would actually be great to know whether Epic Games even knows of these problems and how they intend to tackle them (incl. AR Core update path).

I just encountered this same issue unfortunately. Been studying AR only to find out that this still has no fix.

Oh man… I came here to look for an answer to why the camera colors look so crushed… It’s a bug? I just switched from Unity to check out Unreal but it’s unusable for AR. I am surprised to say the least!