AR attach to QR code

Is there any way to scan a QR code with a device and attach an object to it? For instance, print out a QR code on a sheet of paper and place on a table, then run an app to scan and lock a object in my scene to that QR code? Like make the code the origin or pivot point of the object?

It is currently only possible with ArKit 1.5, I don’t know about UE4.19 yet. Arcore still doesn’t support it image-based tracking.
You can probably combine few technologies all together such as ARToolset from Unreal4AR plugin.

You could tap into the google cloud mobile api to get access to barcodes, thats what I did anyway.

I trying with this too, Working, but very slow the image tracking. To me, refreshing the object position every 2-3 sec only :frowning:

Is this now possible for Android or still ARkit-only compatible?

You can absolutely do image-based tracking with ARCore, but Id caution against using QR codes. I cant remember specifically how to do it, but theres a tool that gives an image a score based on how easily it can be tracked by the software and QR codes score pretty low. Id recommend instead high-detail landscape images or a non-repeating, asymmetrical design. Here’s one of mine that works well for image-tracking: