[AR/ARKit] Please verify 4.26 AR Kit 3.0 only supports newer Apple Devices

Hi all,

could someone from Epic please verify that builds created for iOS with engine version 4.26 and AR Kit 3.0 do indeed only support newer Apple devices?
I’ve realized that my previously well working AR apps stopped working on our iPad Pro 12.9’’ (2017) when building with UE 4.26 (without using any of the new depth features).
After some digging online it seems that AR Kit 3.0 is only supported on newer Apple devices having the new A12 Bionic processor or newer.
This should include Apple iPad Pros (2018) or newer and iPhones XS or newer.

Would be very helpful to know if there is really no possibility to build AR Kit apps for older devices with 4.26. Thanks in advance for any helpful answers.

I got the same question.
Some statment would be nice.

Thank you very much!

I stumpled upon this today, which should answer our question:

supported_devices.JPGCan be found here: