AR app to overlay 3D meshes onto what's viewed

My project is to add 3D modeled accessories to vehicles in an AR scene, using a real vehicle image as the template, to recognize and place 3D accessories in the scene in the appropriate location. I have dabbled with the Augmented Images plugin but have been unsuccessful with the app as it does not recognize images I specify as the target.

Followed these articles in setting up and creating the scene in Unreal

And noted the arcoreimg tool to value the image quality used in tracking. Upon launching the app on my device, I point it at the identical image (on my PC monitor) I am using as the template but the app does not recognize or track the image. I tested one of the default images (the Earth image) and it worked properly and tracked the image.

I am looking to see if this is a viable route to take for performing the task I wish to, or if another method should be entertained.

As an addendum, I have included some images of my ARsession setup, the image database setup, and a video of the issue.

You ever get this to work? :slight_smile: