APT: Human Sciences

Hello everyone! I’m Bradon, creator of APT. I’ve had a part-time hobby of video game development for quite some time now and subscribed to UE4 as soon as it released. I’m finally getting a product together on a type of game that I’ve wanted to play for a long time. I’m a big fan of portal and was a part of the mapping/modding community so that’s where most of my inspiration for this title comes from. I ramp up the difficulty and bring you a challenge you’ll love. This one is food for the FPS junkies, so FEED!

APT is a challenging first-person movement and physics game. You are a participant of the APT: Science facilities. Aptitude testing of this level requires some of the most diligent subjects who, equipped with the tools of their Test Suit, will jump, tether, and interact with a multitude of test elements to complete each area.

Your Steam friends list has just become your worst enemy. Earn ranks based on your Trial times and let your personal best be shoved in front of everyone else. Or… just casually complete the trials at your own pace and allow fulfillment of self accomplishment.

Game is 100% blueprints.

Wow…Awesome Bradon!

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Sorry, fixed

This looks promising. And it makes me even happier to hear that it’s 100% BP. :slight_smile:

Thank you! I love blueprints. Couldn’t have done it without them.

A video I took a little while ago when working on a warp gate! Its initial intentions were level transitions.

An overview of some of the blueprints set up for the game. Hope you enjoy!

If you have any questions, or would like direction in setting up something like these, feel free to ask!

This is what APT was in October 2014. The decision was made that this would be a very fun game among 10-15 gamer friends and so I continued.

update 03/11/15

Our SxSW experiences and game updates.

First night back after our first public demo and showing at SxSW! We weren’t sure at first what to expect from the larger crowd, but to our surprise, the feedback was incredibly positive. Many people were instantly addicted to the game to the point where we had to tell them to move along. About 3 or 4 people came back the next day, this time with FRIENDS, just for our booth with quotes like “This is the game I was telling you about!” Hearing these kind of things about your game… oh man… words cannot describe. So of course, I’m pretty excited at the moment and can’t wait to get back to development. We received an Eye X Dev kit from Tobii! Going to see how well that works with a game like this :smiley:

Steam Greenlight is going well. We’re 60% of the way to top 100 just over this weekend. Many people have played and loved it, we’ve even received some video demos of people doing some speed runs already. Here’s an example

I like the art style, form where is the player model?

He is a slightly altered version of a purchased model from Arteria 3d. We want to have some custom work done for our final character.

Ah ok, and this flying ball is really nice, when you have this neon light on the screen and during darker parts it gets a feel of Tron.

Is it in the plan to eventually have the grapple effect come out of the arm? Right now it seems strange to have the arm out without it visually serving a function. Some motion to the arm while moving would help immersion a lot too. As is I’d rather see a nicely designed cross-hair to convey whatever information the light on the arm is and hide the arm.

That being said this game looks fun! Grappling hook style mechanics always makes everything better. Would definitely play.

Yes, there are a lot more aesthetics to work on (animations, hud, etc…) Were even planning to do a character re-vamp.


And after 6 days, APT is greenlit! Thanks to everyone who supported us. Stay tuned as we haul *** through development!

UPDATE 03/24/15

HUD Displays in game-

New visual style :smiley:


The sound effect when jumping makes each jump satisfying. Love the look of the game.

Thank you sir! Glad to hear you like it :smiley:

Update 4/8/15

Character WIP

UI and Leaderboards

The leaderboards are 100% functional. We have a database that the game can talk to and pull data from, then displayed all in UMG. The next step is utilizing the steam leaderboards and user information.