April #UE4JAM Submission Thread

Welcome to the April UE4JAM Submission thread!

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Download the entry here.

Team Name: Materialise Team

Team members:


Name of Submission: Materialise

Red Dwarf Harvest by t3am

Link: https://github.com/blexlol/growingThingsInSpace/releases/download/Submission/t3am_Red_Dwarf_Harvest.zip 127 MB

Team name: t3am
List of team members: blexlol, yj, emipvg
Name of submission: t3am_Red_Dwarf_Harvest

Save the earth by planting space vegetables on a derelict planet, in the shadow of a red dwarf. You only have 5 minutes before the planet plunges into a 5000 year winter.
Build drills to get seeds. Plant the seeds. Complete the microgames to harvest the space vegetables.



Sourced Assets: https://raw.githubusercontent.com/blexlol/growingThingsInSpace/master/sourceList

Link: https://docs.google.com/uc?id=0ByDY61Z0YjzeR3FvSXpUb1lWR2c&export=download
Team name: 's Half-Baked Games
List of team members:
Name of your submission: Pogo To The Future

Description: Marty’s favorite pogo path is under construction. Luckily, there are portal to the future when construction has completed. Go quick, though, because the portals are temporary. Watch out for pesky obstacles.

Game notes: Can be a little buggy. What else is new. Playtime ~ 2 mins. “Needs more game!” -
Jam Notes: Most stuff either from the Marketplace or by me. Packs include Starter Content, Speedtree Free, Free GT Material Pack, Infinity Blade assets, Supergrid (firt time using this and it is awesome) Other random things: http://opengameart.org/, freesound.org, dafont.com

Edit: After watching , , and JV play through I learned that timeline updates are frame dependant. This makes the timing incredibly broken. Sorry about that. But, that’s the whole point of the game jam to learn something new.

Download Entry: Here

Team Name: A Puro Mate
Team Members: , Groslat, Cherno
Submission Name: APuroMate_SpringIntoTheMoon

***** HOW TO USE ******
This game runs on Win 64 with HTC Vive. Just run the SpringIntoTheMoon.exe file!

***** GAME GOAL *******
The first rocket to the moon is being builded. But some oppositors are putting pressure to cancel the project. You have 2 minutes to finish and launch the Rocket before its contruction is cancelled.
– Grab and Drop Coins in the Rocket to add money (construction moves faster)
– Grab and Throw Rioters Far from the Rocket! (avoids Burocracy stacks, which slows construction)

***** CONTROLS ******

  • Push and Hold TouchButton : Aim Teleport
  • Release TouchButton: Teleport to Pointer
    (You will use Teleport just for positionate yourself before the actual game).
  • Interact with Buttons: Controls’ Trigger
  • Grab/Release Coins and Rioters: Controls’ Trigger


  • A Puro Mate Team
  • Some sound and the Song are from our previous bank of sound (Freesound.org, Audiojungle, paid stuff, etc)
  • Particles are from Fire Pack (UE4 Marketplace)
  • Clouds are from StylizedRendering UE4 Project.

Video Gameplay

Team Name: (solo entry)
Name of submission: Sakura adventure


Space key:Jump
Mouse left button:Fire
Mouse right button:Skill
Mouse Wheel:camera zoom

Find the exit.

download link

Futal Project by Derzo Studios

Are you bored of friends that are bad in co-op multiplayer and always die? This physics based single player co-op puzzle parkour game makes you that friend! The idea is that you spring into the future, sometimes 10 seconds, sometimes 20, from a black hole. After spending that time in the future, the hole takes you back to the moment you jumped there. Well, you get it all when you play it. You also have a nice watch.

This is definitely the best game that I ever made in UE4 and I’m really proud of it :slight_smile:
It has 6 levels.

Team name: Derzo Studios
List of team members: Just me
Name of submission: Futal Project

WASD to move, space to jump.
You need a mouse with a middle button.
Game teaches all else.
Third party assets?**
Some royalty free sound fx from internet & Music that is made by my friend (doesn’t belong to the team).
Everything else I created.

Getting stuck too badly or just bored to download and play it? Here’s a runthrough video!

Download link

April Game Jam Submission: Our Only Hope

Team: Scorched
Memebers: Me
Name Of Submission: Our Only Hope
Link to download:
https://.google.com/open?id=0ByrvUVKpv81oZVNLaE9VZk00RDg Updated Link Address.

Defeat all 7 waves to win.

**Download Here – https://.google.com/open?id=0B_wyY-jeFjozenJ0Zld6UWxsQm8 – **
**Team Name : OSIndustries. **
Team: Solo team
**Submission name: OSIndustries_TimeRunner **

Description: Run, Run, Run! Don’t let your character run out of his time travel energy as he is running on the road from the future, dodging springs, and consuming time travel energy that lets him last longer in the future.


Download :97,7 MB https://.google.com/file/d/0B79WCtf7zrk_aEdvOW11N2c4Wms/view?usp=sharing
Team nameMechanical Banana
Project name:Mechanical Banana_ Spring Rocket
2 members : Ricardo Gonçalves and Igor Lima
3rd Party assets: none except the music.

CONTROLS : move left A and move right D. Menu interaction : mouse

Team name: No Idea Team
List of team members:
Miguel Merayo
Isidro Jose Rodriguez
Project name: Sprint to the future
In this game you are fighting on a time race, your objective is to jump through time. Every time your jump with full charge you will jump to another age (higher difficulty). If you charge is over 20%, you can also use the charge to avoid obstacles.
Bar colors:
Red - Jump is not ready
Blue - Only avoid obstacles ready
Green - Ready to time travel (increase difficulty)
We haven’t been able to add all the futures we would like, like having different obstacles in different ages, having some cool effects, but we think the game is playable.

We hope you enjoy it.

Dowload links:
Win32: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/1678008/Unreal/April/NoIdeaTeam_SprintToTheFuture_Win32.rar


April #UE4JAM Submission: Spring Island

Download here 115 MB

Team Name: Rad Boys
Team Members: SpenceKP
Submission Name: RadBoys_SpringIsland

The year is 2176. The entire world has been
industrialized, except one place. Spring Island.

On Spring Island, it’s Spring all the time. But the
island is under attack. With the blessing of
the Spring Spirit, you can fight back.

It’s up to you, a resident of the
island, to defend the last place on Earth
where nature is free.

WASD: Move Forward/Left/Backward/Right
Space: Jump
Left Click: Fire
F11: Toggle Fullscreen
Esc: Quit

Only non-original asset is the UE4 Mannequin and its animations.

Each of the three power-ups have a 1/20 of spawning when you kill a Bot.
This was my very first game jam (and my first completed project) and it was very fun, as well as a fantastic learning opportunity. I will definitely be doing it again. Best of luck to who submitted an entry! :slight_smile:

Spring Theory

Download: Link Here

Team Name: Maxpower Games

Team Members: Maxpower13

Game: Spring Theory

Additional Images : Here


You are Springkind’s last hope, after an evil dictator takes over the world the only option is to use the time machine and take him out before he can enslave springkind. However a malfunction occur’s sending you too far into the past. You now have to fight your way back to the future.

**Features: **
4 Levels for different time periods.
Glitchy as heck physics.

Spring in the Future

Team :

Members :

Music : Sappheiros - Timeless

Game : Pollinate all of the Flowers before The Sun sets.

Controls :

  • W or Gamepad Right Trigger - Increase Speed.
  • Mouse or Gamepad Left Stick - Aim/Steer.
  • Left Mouse Button or Gamepad A - Shoot Pollen Bullets.
  • Right Mouse Button or Gamepad B - Suck Up Pollen Balls.


  • Your objective is to find and shoot the Flowers until they all fully open, once they are open you will no longer aim at them.
  • Your Antennae will always point towards the nearest non Pollinated Flower, if you run out of ammo they will point towards the nearest ammo refill.
  • To refill ammo get close to the Pollen Balls which spawn at the very top of the hive in the middle of the map. Hold down the Right Mouse Button or Gamepad B to suck up Pollen.

All assets and code created during the Jam except for the windmills which I made previously and the menu with is an updated version of the menu from my last Jam. One sound effect from ZapSplat and Font from 1001Fonts.

Chrono Glitch

Chrono Glitch

Download Link

Team Name : Team Allshar
List of team members : Jan “Allshar” Czarniecki
Name of submission : TeamAllshar_ChronoGlitch

Download Link

Link to a download of your game:
Windows 32 bit: https://.google.com/file/d/0B36xPmUsWnDpYUxuMTBwOHVzbFE/view?usp=sharing
Windows 64 bit: https://.google.com/file/d/0B36xPmUsWnDpQzdaX1l4WFpTcUE/view?usp=sharing

Team name: Shankem
List of team members: Shankem
Name of your submission: Family Sim


The purpose of the game is to mate with as many people as you can through the generations. You take on a child of the next generation and try to live for as many generations as possible. Walk up to other people to mate with them, just spend a few seconds near them without leaving their side. Avoid people with infections (white light is good, anything else is bad) and people of the same gender, also don’t take too long to mate or you’ll slow down and die as well.


Normal WASD controls, you can also press ‘K’ to quit.

Title:The Art Of Spring
Team Name:Crazy Monkey
Team member names:Velocityx and pato

This is a thirdperson multiplayer arena game.All weapons are spring based.
W/A/S/D movement
Space Jump
Left Mouse button weapon hit
Right Mouse button activates class ability
M gives class selection
Class abilities:
Spear:Replaces on activation replaces the spear and gains it velocity
Hammer(only works in air):charges a point and damages enemies
Hammer( attack):If you hit the ground you will be springed into the air

Download Link:

Freeze-Frame World
Team: Cartboard
Members: cartboard_box
Game: Cartboard_FreezeFrameWorld

It’s too late to fix anything, but as I’ve learned in the last half an hour, apparently, physics in UE4 is inconsistent across different machines, in which case some levels could become unbeatable. Hope it’s not true.
Music: “Earth Prelude” by Kevin Macleod (incompetech.com)

Download: here

Team name: Victory is Mine
Team members: Adrian Moore

Submission: VictoryIsMine_HotSpringTimeMachine.zip 496MB

Find the hot spring on each level, jump in to travel through time. Try to Hot Spring into the Future.

Controls: Standard Third Person

Short YouTube Previews:

Sourced Assets

Through Time by Imagine Studio.


Have you ever felt yourself like a planet conqueror, who just wanted to become a hairdresser and make people feel good? Well, this game is not about that. You’ve crashed into unknown planet and your ship is severely damaged. Scout the place to find all the missing parts of your ship, be aware of the creatures, which don’t appreciate that you invaded into their territory.

Team name: Imagine Studio
List of Team Members: Kirill Shkarbanenko, , , Elena Riznichenko, Mikhail Bevz.
Name of submission: Trough Time.

WASD to move, space to jump.
LMB to lift objects, LMB + RMB to rotate object.
holding F, LMB
to order drone to protect the ship and RMB to order drone to repair the ship.
G to use personal field generators on ship’s parts.

**Third party assets. **
None, all the assets are custom made (except for a few materials), including meshes, sound design, soundtrack and our rage, which almost consumed our souls, when we were doing this project.

Download link: MEGA

Note: It’s our (as developers) obligation to warn you, that there are a lot of bugs (we didn’t manage to finish everything on time, which is our and only our failure). Although we’re very proud of music, that we created for this game, so you could listen to it and relax for example :D. At the current state, it’s impossible to beat the game :c We decided to post the game here just because it’s kinda rude to say that you’re participating in something and then quit. We are planning to finish the game next weekends. We would be really grateful, if you shared your opinion about our game with us and told us about possible improvements via e-mail ().