April UE4jam Results! - Live from Epic HQ

Achievement Unlocked Game Developer Program

It’s warm and sunny outside, so stay inside with Jess and me to play some games! Come see who is going to win the April UE4jam. Stop by the submission thread and try the games yourself! As always, the winners will get a bunch of cool prizes and we’ll be raffling 4 Intel SSD’s live on the stream.

Thursday, April 28th @ 2:00PM ET - Countdown]


Alexander Paschall - Community Manager - @UnrealAlexander](
Jess Hider - Community Manager - @JessHider](


Friday is the 29th. <3 Which is Arbor Day!

Haha, you’re right I put that in wrong, thanks for pointing that out.

Maybe we should plant a tree for a stream :smiley:

I’ll be there! Good luck to everyone, had a fun time. B)

Semi-related, but I updated my team’s entry recently if anyone with a Vive wants to check it out. I’ll edit my submission post too, but if you have a Vive please check it out and give me feedback! Here’s a link and a video. You have to turn off the laser and use the grip buttons to fly the platform. I need to tweak it a bit, lasers probably shouldnt affect the ability to fly it. Was thinking about having different modes for selecting blocks and flying but its probably not necessary…

Sounds like a party… a tree party =)

Missed the stream :confused: but grats to all the winners!!

Better late than never, I played through both levels of your game. Nicely done for just 3 days. For feedback, I think I would have preferred to directly grab and slide the blocks than direct them by pointing. I think one of the real strengths of VR is to reach out and interact directly with the world. It also would have been my preference to grab with the trigger rather than side grips as repeatedly using the side grips becomes uncomfortable. Nicely done though. I particularly enjoyed the first environment, and I think you fit the theme well.

Hey man, I appreciate you playing the game! I don’t have mine hooked up right now but Im gonna download yours and check it out sometime this weekend. :slight_smile:

Yeah you might be right about it being better to directly grab the blocks. I was thinking of making the game have an element of exploration flying to different island levels (which is why we made the blocks so large), but directly grabbing the blocks would be more satisfying. I doubt it will continue to be worked on though. Might keep doing these gamejams using the Vive until I get an idea I can stick with. Maybe next time we can work together on a game, last time a lot of local devs were wanting to join so there wasnt room. :frowning:

If you use skype you should add me though, if we ever need help with vive development we could chat with each other. My skype handle is Zyphet.

Cool! I was a bit disappointed to see in the game jam highlight that the person playing my game never even picked up the guns to actually play, but that’s just the way things go sometimes. It needed clearer direction. I didn’t have enough time to get to get all of what I hoped for in the game, and it definitely needed a few more things to make it fun. I ended up spending the majority of available time coding and re-coding an equipable, usable item system for the motion controllers that never got used to it’s full potential. I am proud that every line of code and model in the game was done from scratch just for the jam though. The lack of sound is a huge gap.

Yeah, that’s the way game jams go. It’s hard to criticize any game jam game because the final product is almost never all of what the developers intended, and they **** well know what’s missing, haha. Even if you don’t directly reuse or continue what you make in a jam, they’re great learning experiences. I’d be up for working on the jam next weekend with you on a Vive game if you’re interested. I’m not sure I have the energy to do it solo again.

I’ve got you added on Skype. I’m just not in the habit of leaving it running all the time, but maybe I should. You can always send me a PM here on the forums if you’ve got a Q!

Oh yeah! I remember your skype, gotcha. Man, I didn’t notice the guns either I’ll have to replay it. Its always hard to get things polished in time, especially for a gamejam thats this short.

Haha, I really needed just a simple hover text over them saying to pick them up. I thought I could just include a youtube video with my submission showing everything you can do, but I have since learned that’s not an effective shortcut to skipping in-game cues.