AppStore upload fails because missing CFBundleIconName

Hello there, I require assistance.

The ARKit app we are creating is building successfully, runs on the test device and works as intended.
now we have an erroror trying to upload it to the AppStore for client testing using TestFlight.

The error we are getting is as follows:

App Store Connect Operation Error
ERROR ITMS-90713: "Missing Info.plist value. A value for the Info.plist key 'CFBundleIconName' is
missing in the bundle ''. Apps built with iOS 11 or later SDK must supply app icons in
an asset catalog and must also provide a value for this Info.plist key.
For more information see [apple docs link]. "

This error also occurs on an unmodified HandheldAR blank project!

We’ve tried to modify the Info.plist from the xcarchive but with no success.
We had all required app icons provided inside the unreal editor.

The project was originally built on a PC but copied over to a Mac to build an xcarchive. Signing and all is set for shipping/distribution.

Any help on solving this problem is greatly appreciated.

just noticed thist post here seemingly having the same issue. sry for double posting