Applying Set LOD Bias during runtime in blueprints

Hey, so I’m trying to set the LOD Bias for UI textures during runtime. I have found that texture files contain the LOD Bias variable that can be changed, and when you press Save, it can even be updated during runtime. Now I would like to do that in code/blueprints aswell, but just setting the LOD Bias variable in blueprints does not automatically save it. Is there a way to actually apply it in code / blueprints?

I also checked some console commands, found:

  • r.MipMapLODBias, which only works for actors, or models in the world
  • r.UITextureLODBias, but did not do anything for me
  • r.forceLOD, which i believe did a similar thing to r.MipMapLODBias
  • r.Streaming.MipBias, did not do anything even with r.TextureStreaming enabled

Also, I am working in version 4.24.

Any help would be much appreciated.

I would also love to know if this can be done in a packaged game.

I’m having exactly the same issue, someone got an idea?