Applying post processing based on fixed point?

Would it be possible to say specify a point or second camera or something above the player and apply post processing to the world based on that point/camera and not the camera the player is using?
In particular I’m using custom depth to apply effects but I don’t want that effect to show through other objects, adding those objects to custom depth is also not an option.

I ask because if the camera is centered above the player the effects work as they should, but when you pan around the effects start “clipping” through other objects.

Camera has a built in Post Process struct where you can apply effects individually. Is this what you are looking for?

Or are you looking to pass your second camera position into material?

Pardon me but I didnt understand the question clearly.

I’m looking to pass my second camera position into a material. I’m actually trying to make a field of vision system for a 3d top down game, at the moment It is working perfectly except for one thing. Since the vision cone uses custom depth, when the camera is off center from the player the vision cone starts to clip through geometry.
You might want to look at my other post about it to see what I mean.

There is a screen of this particular problem on my second last post.