Applying mats on custom mesh, weird problem

Hi there!

I got this problem that keeps occurring, the left selected mesh is a box from unreal engine where the materials works fine. The RIGHT selected mesh is something i made in Maya, the texture on it is applied in Maya.

When i drag materials from the StarterContent folder to my mesh it looks like the one in the middle. How come? It does so with every material i put on it. The UVs are the same on the middle and right selected meshes.

I expect it would look the same as on the left side of the middle object all the way around on it, if that makes sense.

(P.S i got 3 different UV channels on the imported mesh, one for the front and back, one for the sides and one for top and bot of the mesh.
Front and back is what is working right now, the left side on the middle mesh is the front.)

Happy for any help and tips!

The whole mesh should be part of the same UV channel. The channels are usually used for special case things, like generally in UE4, channel 1 is for your texture unwrap, and channel 2 for light map unwrap. Though you can do whatever you want, ultimately, for a default material, which uses one material channel, you need channel 1 to be properly unwrapped.

Reason was…

The reason was to scale my mesh and remap the UV inside materials afterwards. Say i want the simple box to represent a building with 70 floors, it would become via my code a object with the height of 30070 unreal units high.
I would then remap the UV depending on the objects scale on the different axis, so a window texture like the one you can see on the right selected mesh becomes tiled correctly. One window that is 200
300 unreal units in size.

What I describe above works fine on the front like it does on the middle object but the weird problem on the sides and topbot still remains.

That’s the reason I don’t use a single UV for the building cause i need to tile textures depending on the size of it after construction script. The side might not have as many tiles as the front.

Not sure what i described makes senses, but the problem still lies in the mesh somehow i guess?

I find it weird that it works when first imported but not when other materials are applied.