Applying Materials

Hey everyone,

Not sure if I’m posting in the right place (as usual) but I’m not fully understanding materials or more specifically, how to apply them properly. I made a room in Blender based off a floorplan and I wanted to see how it would look in Unreal. Nothing was wrong with the lighting and the scale was fine but when I was applying my material (just something from the starter content) nothing was even. I know this has something to do with the UVs and unwrapping it a certain way but how do I even know where to start? I’ve tried unwrapping it every way possible (even doing each face individually).

The material shows up perfectly on some parts of the walls but not on others. Nothing lines up and the patterns are different sizes. Some things are stretched and some are scrunched up and some are just the way they should be. Is this something I need to address in Unreal or Blender?

Anything would be helpful at this point because I am at a complete loss. The house I am trying to model is pretty much 90% of the focus of the game I’m trying to make but without being able to apply materials properly, I’m pretty much done before I even start.

Thanks in advance!

If the textures are stretched in various ways, the issue must be with UVs. If you Mark Seams correctly and unwrap it, everything should be fine.

Hi! The issue with the UVs is that, while you may have unwrapped individual faces separately, they probably aren’t to scale (and rotation) with each other or even to themselves. That said, given that you’re doing arch, may I recommend you skip the UVs entirely (except for lightmap UVs, which you can automatically generate in-engine with the per-face unwrap you’ve already done) and try World Aligned textures instead? Aside from that video you can also check Luos’ custom nodes that give you more functionality and are free over at Gumroad (he’s a link in the forums). Cheers!

Thanks! This is pretty much exactly what I was trying to do! It seems to work pretty perfectly except in some corners (the ones at 90 degree angles) but I’m sure that all comes down to me setting it up so I will keep looking more into going this route. I am assuming there would be a way to add everything else to it as well (like height maps or roughness textures that I get when I download the material from somewhere) correct? Would I be better off just adding those as scalable parameters? If that’s the right term. I’m pretty comfortable with Unreal and blueprint logic (I would say I’m at a lower intermediate level) but making and setting up materials are waaaaay over my head.