Applying Material to Static Mesh (not normal UV wrap)

Hi, firstly, apologies, but I don’t know the exact terminology for what I’m looking for, so this may be a duplicate question.

I’ve acquired a third-party mesh and texture from another engine’s asset store (sure you can guess the name). The mesh if or a book, and the texture provided has 4 book textures in 1 (tiled 2/2). I’ve created a material in UE4 and have been able to select a quarter of the texture using the method shown here:

However, I’m not sure how I go about “wrapping” this material around the mesh–in fact I’m not even sure how the material wraps around the mesh. I’m not even sure of the terminology I should be searching for to find a solution.

As a picture paints a thousand words, here’s as far as I’ve gotten (selecting 1 quarter of the texture), and you can see how the material is wrapped when applied to the mesh (hopefully the problem is obvious in the image).

If anyone could even tell me what I should be searching for here to fix this, it would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks!

Did you unwrap the object wherever you made it, or did you create the mesh in ue4

It came from a third party, In the end I re-did the wraps in Max, and all worked out okay. Thanks for the response though.

Hi man , this is an example, as you see my book have this kind of uvs.
I can easily just move them of the right amount to get another texture book from my multitexture of 512x512.