Applying material to multiple chunks of destructible.

I created a destructible mesh and imported custom fbx chunks for the depth 01 level of destruction. I am trying to apply the same material to all chunks but so far I haven’t found a way to do it for all chunks at once. I have 72 chunks. I don’t want to do it 72 times. I have tried selecting all chunks in the preview window of the destructible mesh editor but it does not seem possible. I have also tried to select all the elements in the skeletal mesh section of the destructible setting tab this too doesn’t seem to be possible. I can delete all 72 material elements at once, create a new one, but after that I haven’t found a way to apply it to all chunks at once.
Thank you for your help!

Hello Emile,

Because you have your own custom FBX’s for your depth 01 level you are looking at a draw call for each. This can be done through assigning the same material to every chunk or creating an array through blueprints. The first method is fairly straight forward. The second, would require assigning materials through blueprints. You could set it up on the event of the destruction the function would call.

Either way you are looking at a fairly expensive calculation when destroying your mesh.

There is currently a feature request to use material ids for destruction meshes when importing FBX chunks. Currently this is marked as backlogged and I do not have a time frame for when this feature request will be handled.

The ticket number is UE-8566