Applying diffrent colors to same class spawned actors

If you see the standard world grid material on play in editor (PIE), it’s likely that you didn’t set the material correctly. I hope you are setting ‘dynamic material instances’ and not a material or material instance.

Does anyone knows how spawn multiple objects from the same class and give each object a different color stored in an array of linear color type? I’ve been trying to achieve this but when i change the color (which is originally a vector parameter in the material) it gives me the the look of a material still in the process of building the material.Does anyone knows how to achieve this as simple as possible.Thank’s.

I’m not sure exactly what you are trying to do, so I’m not sure if I can help. I did a similar thing in a project, but I only had 1 of 5 colors, for something spawned from 1 of 5 actors. I set the material of the spawned item by an exposed variable in the actor that spawned it. If this sounds like anything you are trying to do I can go into more detail.

It depends on how many colors you are aiming for, since I used a material variation and didn’t modify the material itself.

I’m trying to spawn decals in game by the player in different places, i found out how to save the location by making an array for all the objects, and can load it when the player reopens the game, but when i try to save the different colors for each decal, i either get all the decals with the same color all of them giving me the image of a decal still compiling shaders but doesn’t change the color at all.

so it is working, but not saving correctly?