Applying decals to reusable assets

Hey all,

I’m trying to apply multiple decals to a mesh, and reuse the same mesh over and over again. I did figure out how to apply them in blueprint, but when I try to stack the mesh on top of others (they’re boxes with decal labels) they fall through each other. The base meshes have proper collision, but once part of a blueprint, they lose it. Now, currently, they’re not the root, so I’m wondering if this is the reason?

Is this the best way to do this? Can decals be applied at the mesh/actor level? I would prefer to drag and drop one item into my scene, rather than multiple items (ie mesh and decals).

Thanks in advance!



A-ha! So, in the blueprint I had created, I noticed that the “Scene Root” can be replaced/overwritten by dragging the box over it, and this (I assume) caused the box to become the main item, and allowed me to stack items as expected. I just tested this, and it works well. So, admins can either delete this question, or leave it here for others who may find a similar problem.