Applying a different texture for each face of a cube?

Hey. How do I apply a texture to each face on a cube? When I drag the texture onto the cube, it textures each side of it with the same texture. I want to have a different texture on each side, so how would I do that? Thanks!

If you are using BSP cubes, then you should be able to place a material on each face individually.
If you use a mesh, then there are several option, each with pros and cons…

Create a cube mesh and unwrap the UVs.

  • Have them all overlap and cover the entire UV space, but assign different material IDs on the faces. Export all that as FBX.
    In the engine you can now assign a separate material to each element slot.
    caveat: You incurr one drawcall per element, so six drawcalls for the cube. Pro: You have maximum texture space availabe per mesh face.

  • Have them laid out side-by-side and create mask textures that covers each face on a different channel. then use a LayerBlend node (or normal lerp for textures and colors) to combine the materials and use the mask to drive it… Caveat: You have less texture space for details available. Pro: You only have one draw call per mesh.