Apply post processing material on specific mesh

Hi, So what i want is to add a highlight (not an outline) effect on some of my static mesh through various triggers.

At first i thought duplicating and scaling up the mesh and applying a different material with opacity on it, but then i heard about post processing material.

I followed tutorials about how to do it, placed a post process volume, and added to it a a blendable material, the triggers are also pretty easy to manage using RenderCustomDepth but now the problem is the material itself.

I am trying to create a post processing material but am stuck and can’t find what i am looking for ; i can’t figure out how to limit the material effects to those mesh with the RenderCustomDepth set to true, anyone could help me ?

Well i can’t figure out how to do it, the rest of my scene is black when i do that.

For rest of scene you output color as normal. For parts that contain interesting custom depth.

Do you have a really simple example with let say a simple color tint over the custom depth elements and the reste of the scene normal ?