Apply one blueprint to many meshes

Hey there, for my UE project, I want to pick up and drop a high amount of objects (imported as mesh). These objects have to be moved independently, so I can’t drop the meshes on the same actor.

Now, I have already written a blueprint to pick up a certain object. Since I want the same attributes for another 50 meshes, I don’t want to write a new blueprint every time.
My current solution looks like this: I created a static mesh actor with the required blueprint and attributes. This actor can be copied and the mesh has to be exchanged. However, this solution is still very time-consuming.

Thus my question: Is there any other solution? Can I inherit blueprints easily?

Implement the logic in your vr-pawn or playerController and not inside the meshes/bps. if you really need - why? - you can create a new bp which exposes a variable of the static mesh and sets that on beginplay/construction to the one you have assigned in the editor. hope that helps :wink: ah - have a look at the normal vr template, the blue pickup cubes - this may save you some coding.

Ah - and the question “Can I inherit blueprints easily?” - yes of course, thats the whole ting with bps, right click one in content browser and create a child → you’re inheriting the parent.