Apply Material to 2000 actors that dont have any material yet (from Alembic)

Hi guys, so i imported an animation who include 2000 actor and would like to apply a material (same one) to all the actors… the imported actors dont have any material yet (WorldGridMaterial).
Is there a way to apply a material one shot on the actors?

Don’t know which modeling program you’re using, but in 3ds max, you could select them all and drag a single material on them. However, I highly recommend you do the UV first.
If all the 2000 actors are the same, I would erase all and leave only 1. Do UV unwrap and place material on it, then copy it 2000 times. After that, you can export it to Unreal.

OR you could do 1 model, UV Unwrap, drag material from material editor on it, place it on 0,0,0 transform and export it to Unreal (to have correct pivot). After that, you can duplicate it in the engine.