Apply material texture variations on diferents objects

I’m trying to apply texture variations of the same material to multiple objects. The idea is that each object have the same material but with a variation of texture, dirty different windows for example, but not do it manually.
I don’t know if he had to do it from the material or a blueprint …
How would anyone know?

Thank you! :slight_smile:

There are a number of different ways to do this. My personal preference would be to convert either the texture or co-ordinates to a parameter and then edit them via a Blueprint:

Alternatively, For some extra reading:

Hope this helps!

Hello xyth,

Alternatively to this method is using Material Instances. This way you can also preview in realtime what your material will look like.

… I already said that in the original answer, haha. It’s in the first link :wink:

Of course; has a decent point though: If you use Params; Be sure to make an instance so you can actually use them. Haha.

Sure… That is the first part to set up the Material Instance. This is just further documentation unless more information is needed on the Instance itself.