Apply local wind impulse to the cloth


Is there any way to apply local wind simuation only to chracters cloth?
So for example I want radial force component to affect only cloth of the character without placing global wind to the level.

I found function void ApplyWindForCloth(FClothingActor& ClothingActor) in USkeletalMeshComponent.
Is this the right direction?

Thank you.

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Use SimpleGrass Node on Your material. You can use a custom Vector3 to change direction.
You can use vertex paint to determine what vertices will be affected, like ive made on this curtains.

Here, this can be helpful.

Nice. I had already same idea but discarded it. Thank you very much.

Hm I actualy mean realy apex cloth simulation like with directional wind source.

What you want? Simple moviment of cloth on wind, or you wanna a apex cloth that responds to the Wind Actor?

I want kind of wind actor that affects only this character with his cloth.