Apply C++ constructor changes to child bluprint class?

hi and sorry for that title may misunderstandable

before start question, i’m quite new to unreal and i try so hard to fix as i can :d

so i made a C++ class which has components and things.
and i made blueprint class that child of C++ class that i made
in the blueprint class, i set some informs like mesh asset and did make some blueprint nodes to work

and after that, i want change some code of C++ classes constructor. so that i can change some value or something.
but even i changed and compiled C++ class, it seems like blueprint class just override value to there own saved value which is old.

and so, i have to do same fix work to blueprint class that i did on C++ class.
i checked that instanced actor directly from C++ class has new values that i work on C++ class.
so it may work if i re create blueprint class from C++ class. but i don’t want work again that i did on old blueprint class.

is there any way to reset certain value on blueprint class so that c++ classes change work?

Saved variables obviously have priority over class defaults even if it’s same value as default, you need to click yellow arrow near the edited variable to reset variable to default. This is not just C++ defaults, blueprint defaults works exactly the same.

If C++ default changes arent apply or behave strangely, close editor and then compile, hot reload frequently messes it up

hi and thanks for helping me :slight_smile:
and sorry that seems i didn’t write my question’s detail well.

i’m currently having problem with Trace Channel issue.
i made a box component for mouse trace purpose and add new trace channel named “MouseTrace” and it’s default value is Ignore.
than, i set box component’s “MouseTrace” channel value as Block.
but because of that channel’s default is ignore, if i click that yellow arrow button, it sets value as ‘ignore’ instead ‘block’.

i found that the variable that i added return to C++ classes value if i click yellow arrow button.
but collision channel option doesn’t.

again, i am so appreciate about your helping.
and sorry for my un-detailed question