Applied materials on a curved wall

I want to make a curved screen and put my media player assets on that. I tried to make it using brush but the edge is actually a subtraction from a 500 sides polygons and applying materials will only cover one of the side. Is there a way to make a perfect curved surface?

Hello FrankKappaPride,

If you are wanting to make a perfectly curved wall I would suggest doing this in an external modeling program. 3ds Max, Maya, and Blender are good ones. UE4 is a program which you build your game and put together all of the assets you have created for your game. It is not designed to have all of the features that would allow for control over things like angles of your mesh, sculpting, and other modeling tools. You could create a cylinder and then use a subtractive box to divide that cylinder in half. This is a simple way of setting up a curved wall. Unfortunately, it does not provide a way to stretch the image across all of it’s surfaces. You could try a Cylinder basic shape but you are limited to what size you make the cylinder and the image is stretched across 360 degrees instead of what you want to look at.