Apple Silicon is simply amazing + M1 chips are so good for gaming = Please End the War

We tested the new M1 chip Macs (MacBookAir & MacBookPro13 & MacMini)

“Mac not for gaming” is over.

The scores are over-killing both on CPU & GPU compare on any other product on the same level.

And I believed that the new generation of Macs are very good for all kinds of Gaming including AAA Games.

World Of Warcraft is already back to Apple Silicon Macs and we tested it on a new MacBookAir. Yes, an Air. It is running smoothly, quiet and cooler.

Don’t forget all iPhone&iPad games are joining to the apple silicon macs now.

By the way, we tested the UE4 running on a M1 MBP13Pro too. It could running. But it is apparently not well optimized if compared to another game engine: Unity3D.

So as a UE4 game developer I just want to say:

Could you stop the Endless War and start to working with  silicon now?

That’s exactly what we want.

Listen to us!

Every developer I meet, they told me the same answer: End the war, fix the bond, catch up Unity.

We UE4-iOS-Game developer don’t want Unity get a huge advantage on the support of  silicon.

 silicon is great. The market is big. The target customers are people of high consumption.

We can’t afford the price to miss it.

Endless war is the worst thing for now.

You tried + You didn’t win and lose + End it now + Keep going on = We still love you.


Ohh shiny new things! We must roll over for our Apple overlords.

I think unreal will support the Apple silicon macs fully soon or later it’s just a question of how long it will take

Lolwat? Yes, the CPU performance seems reasonable in the apps with at least basic optimization for ARM, but the GPU performance is abysmal.

By reasonable you mean about twice as fast or more for the same power consumption right? And GPU performance is better than any other integrated solution but I agree it doesn’t dominate the same way the cpu does.

Twice as fast than what? Ryzen 5 4600U wrecks M1 in Cinebench MT scores (Let’s be honest, who in their right mind these days would render or compile something on single thread):…hmark-results/

That one has 15W TDP. M1 is estimated to be around 10, although harder to tell precisely. If 4600U got downclocked/undervolted to similar range, it’d probably still match M1 in performance.

Sure M1 will have larger battery life due to the nature of how ARM architecture operates, but battery life is one of the less relevant parameters for both gamers and game developers. Inability to purchase something with better performance running the OS you’re locked in, having to overpay for average specs or being at the mercy of dodgy, expensive service program when something fails and you can’t replace it yourself are way more serious issues.

So twice as fast is not the case, and even if it was, it would still be poor choice for either gaming, game development or both. (Which this thread and forum are about).

Well it still loses overall in spec2017 see here:…le-m1-tested/5

The ryzen is really good though, I think AMD has a fighting chance against the M1 and future Apple ARM designs. When I mentioned double the performance at similar TDP before I was referring to intel mobile offerings that were in the previous non-arm mac books see…le-m1-tested/2

and it is true if you are a serious gamer or game developer the m1 in its current form is not the best choice but if current performance is any indication that could easily change in a couple years.

I am very skeptical about Unreal 5 Editor running and compiling shaders on a pc built with CPUs created for mobile phones.

:cool: I got laugh again and again.

Those linked article, those authors, they are so jealous, even forgot that M1 is just a chip from the Air, the 13inch which means: light-slim-laptops.

And they find out the high-end laptop chips from AMD&Intel, put them together with the little M1, and finally they find one benchmark(Cinebench, not Geekbench) and only one score(Multicore or Siglecore ONLY not both) could defeat M1. GOT IT. They use the words “**Destroy Apple’s M1 In Cinebench R23 Benchmark Results”. **Destroy, ah~ha~ha~ha.

A high-end win a lightweight in this way is a Destroy. How jealous it is. It might be fear. ha~ha~ha~

And some one put the link here use the word “wrecks M1” , and his conclusion is:“poor choice for either gaming, game development or both”. And I’m definitely not agree with that.

Let the next coming MBP16’s chip told you what is a fare comparison. High-end laptop vs high-end laptop. And the next iMac will told you what is a desktop level  silicon could be.

Don’t be jealous. Don’t fear. They are coming anyway.

Just Wait!

Then I will laugh again.:cool:

Good or not for gaming, people can tell.
Good or not for developing, people can tell too.

Ryzen 5 4600U is not high end. In fact it’s the lowest end of all the Ryzen CPUs tested in that particular benchmark.…s-1030x577.jpg

they are astonishingly good

People talking about how revolutionary this thing is…
Meanwhile I sit here watching it run Borderlands 3: 20ish fps at 1080p.
Also any game doing some kind of streaming levels from disk seem to freeze really hard…

I really don’t understand why people love Apple hardware.

Of cause 4600U is a low-end,you said it wrecks M1. Can it beat m1 in geekbench? no,singlecore no, multicore no,

On cinebench singlecore no. See the numbers from others.

You only see the multicore scores on one benchmark is win, and you said: it wrecks M1. even as you known that is a 15W TDP,M1 just has 10W TDP. TDP has 50% different and what’s the diff on that score.

I guess there is no need to let me teach you what is a fare comparison. You are confusing ppl with your fake news and trying to do a mislead. I feel like fixed a hidden bug.

Exactly. Geekbench is a synthetic, not fair comparison (if by fare you mean fair). And as I wrote above. Most workloads game developers run into, be it code compiling, shader compiling or rendering are multi threaded. Games are often single threaded, but still run async tasks on other threads. I also admitted M1 has lower TDP, and I pointed out TDP is probably one of the least relevant parameters to game developers or gamers, and that it’s a big issue that with apple, you simply can not buy any more powerful computers, or that for the price of this mediocre apple laptop, you can actually buy a windows laptop suitable for both gaming and game development.

We are on Unreal Engine forums. Forums about developing games, so the important topics here are gaming and game development. And based on numerous, non synthetic gaming tests, the M1 results so far are quite abysmal (again, as I said above):

You’ve said, in your original post, that the “Silicon is great. The market is big. The target customers are people of high consumption.” which seems to be less and less true statement as more and more actual game experience reviews and benchmarks of M1 start to pop up.

I am not saying UE4 should not support this platform, I am just saying this definitely won’t be a popular platform for gaming or game development for a while. But let’s face it, Apple computers never were.

I realized there is no meaning to argue for a coming truth.

It’s wast of time.

I already did what I should.

Let’s see what’s going on.

If borderlands 3 is running via Rosetta then it’s not really a fair test of performance. Let’s wait until we see some natively compiled games to get a sense of what the actual gaming performance will be.

Guys, we are in an IOS development forum. IOS is running on the same type of chips as the M1. The M1 is a continuation of the A series in iPhones and ipads. I really dont understand “ I don’t understand why people like apple hardware “ It’s a fact of life. And now the M1 and whatever follows is a fact of life.

The marketing people, fanboys, and cultists are all saying “-it is revolutionary and faster than anything on earth.”

Tell me it is faster than ask me to wait for optimizations.

I suspect that whether or not we like the hardware depends on how open it is and what the experience of developing for it will be like. If iOS is anything to go by then it’ll be the more difficult, less well marketed, less popular path with less software sales overall compared to Windows. It doesn’t really matter how “good” it is or isn’t.

Fanboyism on a dev forum definitely makes me want to quit the forum though. Let’s just be grounded about everything.

Completely missing the point for IOS developers Ryzen is not relevant you are comparing apples "no pun intended and oranges