Apk not showing in "unknown sources"

After installing my apk through adb, i don´t see listed in unkown sources tab my app. Also did a sideload and no success. First time it happens, didnt have any issues on the build, and worked before with other apps. Any ideas? Thanks in advance.

Yeah I’m having the exact same issue.

I think I had that happening once. I didn’t really understand why it happened but I messed a lot around with deploying on the quest using both the launch option and packaging.

If I recall correctly what I did was making sure that there was nothing left in the quest that had to do with be app using adb through the command line and then reinstalled the app. So I deleted all folders named com.CompanyName.AppName

Hope it helps.

Yeah I’ve been trying to deploy differing ways as I do most of my work on a Mac. But was successfully deploying through the UE4 using this process. but wanted to simplify it by either using Sidequest or Abdlink. I then install parallel to have a windows emulator on my mac. All these methods are deploying the APK to my quest, but I cannot find them. The only successful deployment that I could then see in Unknown Sources was using UE4 on a PC and deploying through UE4 using the youtube video above. Would like to use adblink if I could… seems so much similar… so perhaps my APKs aren’t formed correctly from the settings UE4.

Most recently today, I can see the apk in the headset as it’s supposed to be deploying (connected and uploading) but it’s not staying in there… but then I’m having to cancel the deployement and I cannot see the apk in there. Additionally, having just upgraded the operating system to 9 all my previous content and the ‘unknown sources’ opion in my library has vanished.