Apex Clothing Error - No reference to RootNode

Hey there,

i am using MakeHuman and Blender to create the characters for my UE4 Project. With the help of some awesome tutorial vids i was able to import a rigged character with an idle animation to UE4. This was quite easy even for a non 3D Artist and UE4 noob like me :wink:

But for now i am struggling with the Apex Clothing tool from Nvidia.
The simulation looks just fine in the Apex tool. But in UE i am receiving some errors.

First one after i tried to import the apex file:

This file references bones which do not exist in the Skeletal Mesh:



I hit ok and went on. Second error comes up after i try to apply the apex file to the material:

There are no corresponding bones. At
least one bone should exist. This
Could be Improper APEX file.

Mapping failed bones : RootNode

Tested this with a cape created in blender on a MakeHuman mesh rigged with the basic mhx export rig.
Exported with the latest Fbx exporter from blender.

In Case my Bone Hierachy in Blender could help i attached a screenshot.
Hope anyone could point out what i am doing wrong :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance

Hi Gim117,

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