APEX cloth & environment collision - crash

I’m using 4.11 branch from github,
SHA-1: ed559168e9c950229bf54318d28cf6f2062fa4bc

    • Fix thread safety issue when cloth child collision or environment collision is used.
  • Fix cloth bounds growing when stale transform data is used.

#JIRA OR-14990
#rb James.Golding

[CL 2869003 by Ori Cohen in 4.11 branch]

coused that all APEX cloths that have environment collison enabled now crash the engine after a while (5 - to 10 seconds) if they are in collision (there is race condition between PhysX sim & the capsules generated for env collision)

the commit was probably intended to workaround this, but now it crashes more offen than before ;(


I’m not seeing the same issue on my end when using a build of 4.11 CL-2894857.

Are you still seeing issues with later builds of the editor from Master Branch?

When using a cloth asset I’ve created and testing with environment collision enabled I’m not getting a crash on my end. If you have a sample project or can reproduce in a new project and can specify the latest build where you can get the crash this may be helpful. It’s also possible that the crash could have been fixed within the thousands of CL’s since the one you listed above.

Thank you!