Anyway to make lighting in my level the way it was before lighting was built?


I recently built the lighting in my level and everything just became very dark(its all inside a cave). What I wanted to do is keep everything visible inside the cave and then add more dynamic lighting but building lighting just changes everything.

Increasing the skylight intensity just makes everything glow and look weird.

Its not letting me upload an image but its an underground scene thats very dark

Hey I fixed it by setting the SkyLight to “Movable” and keeping the “Intensity” to 1. Ill keep this post up incase anyone else has had the problem

take a look at the docs :slight_smile:

to anyone else that may have noticed differences in their light and shadow lately… i’m just guessing, but it seems that alot of c++ work may be passing thru lighting lately, and to fix all my maps all i had to do was ‘delete my dynamic light (or any light maybe) and put in a new one’ for each map… worth a try, no harm no foul…