Anyway to get Unreal Editor Manual for offline use?

that? for use on smartphone or tablet while in bus / downtown traffic?

The documentation can be downloaded from GitHub contained in the Requires/Optional zip files (can’t remember which one right now).

^ ow ok thanks

hmm this is impossible to find if anyone has a direct link feel free to post it up

I think it’s in the first required file, once unzipped the documentation is in: Engine/Documentation/

Ups forgot to post the link to the release :smiley: Just download the one for your version.

I can’t acces, somebody can share?

thanks in advance.

You’ll need to have an active subscription or a linked active subscription to get access to the files available on GitHub.


I have my student account with GitHub yet it still says error 404 when I click the link. Its the same account I signed up with and 1 week later I got upgraded and was able to download UE4 for free for 1 year.

My GitHub was activated with UE4 a few days ago

Is there something I am doing wrong here?

ok UPDATE I came across something in the readme file for a unreal link in GitHub repository this is what it says. I believe this is it?

Go to:

and click “Sign In” from the top bar, once signed in click on “Account” (#2 in picture), then go to the field for “Update GitHub Account”, in this field you need to enter your GitHub user name and click save, this will link your github account it to your UnrealEngine account. :slight_smile:

Sorry for hijacking this topic, but I’d like to point that prolly someone was drunk when writing this: :wink:

Oh , very cool the documention off-line to read on the train , just need (962mb) ?
We will got a .chm file with source folder ?

OMG thanks so much.

It works it works wooo weeee LOL its all there in a zip file. muahahahahaha I feel grand and marvelous now I feel like a German.

I can now read my UE4 stuff on my Nexus 4 when I am in the bus in traffic. I am usually short on time due to studies so this is really necessary for me as my free time does not have internet access. Well we have mobile internet in the Caribbean but its too expensive for me as a student, my luxury stops at home with a high speed DSL connection.

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It is a fixed idea, but the grass is not greener. :wink:
From Paris, we all dream of living on a small island…

idea fixed ? :stuck_out_tongue:

I live on one hahaha :smiley: Mallorca, but yes even in a European Island things sometimes are not as expected hehehe Thanks to the net you can be everywhere now ^^

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Germany to have the best temperature? No way! I’m a native German and there is far to much rain :smiley: I’m the kind if person that likes to be in a warm place, and having a beach near is the best :smiley: btw Mallorca this. I loved when I was in the Caribbean too!

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