Anyway to get Unreal Editor Manual for offline use?

^ aah but I love German for some reason. I always think Mercedes and BMW. lol Remember Ferdinand Porsche designed the Tiger Tank? I also like German because they prefer to make their own stuff than send it to China for slave labor.

If you look at America you can hardly find anything made in USA anymore. The term German Engineering still stands to this day I would think. We don’t have nice paved roads and sidewalks like Germany, offcourse then where I live is a country of 1.4 million people which is really tiny and we don’t export anything except Oil and Gas.

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The only positive thing I can say is majority of my country has nice houses so quality of life has drastically improved since the 1980’s has lots of development taking place with our new government, but still has lots of parts are just not nice. We build house roofing with galvanize steel, in Germany they use shingle roofing so as it gets old it still looks great. Here houses with old roofing are rusty its an eye sore. And our natural vegetation is really tall and dense, its not like Europe where its cold and hence the forest is all nice with short grass etc. Here its more like a Jungle. lol

new roofing now are zinc and aluminum mixed design though so the don’t rust which is good.

One thing I guess I am thankful for is we have no natural disasters in my part of the Caribbean and life is really simple and cheap, cost of living is a fraction of what it is in first world countries. We pay 50 cents US for a liter of Gas and 25 cents for a liter of Diesel. And we have free tertiary Education all tuition fees are paid for by state even if its a European or American degree via distance learning. Must be a school locally offering the foreign degree, we have one that offers programs from University of London.

Hi everybody :slight_smile:
I had checked the **CHM **file in ( Windows: \Unreal Engine\4.4.3\Engine\Documentation)… the (Documentation folder) contained 2 folders with total size — 237MB

While a documentation for (Unreal Engine 4.4.3) at the official website ; which I had downloaded at the beginning of previous September (using my special method)
it’s total size was — 623MB

So; I think they are not the same documentation; especially the CHM file talking only about (API)… which I don’t know its meaning yet…:o
while the direct documentation link refers to full documentation…

Best Regards

^ so its only 623 MB?

could swear I saw over 1GB somewhere hmm

Yes… for UE4.2 it was more than GB

so it cant be the same thing at all I just checked it the one in UE4 folder on your hard drive has no pictures its nothing like whats found on the documentation on UE site.

Also the ones I downloaded from GitHub does not open so I downloaded a chm file reader and that also crashes.
I download the “one of 3” file so I an downloading the “2 of 3” now to see

If not well meh I think I will just use the one online when I am home.

CHM file in a compiled release 4.4.3"]

(Unreal Engine 4.4.3) documentation [downloaded from the official website] for Offline Browsing

Cadviz give we a link ?

Here is an old post (at past June), telling how to download the documentation from the official UE4 website… :slight_smile:
Unreal Engine Offline Documentation](Unreal Engine Offline Documentation - Community Content, Tools and Tutorials - Unreal Engine Forums)

Thank you so much i am dowloading last documentation (Only Manuel) with Webzite , it’s work

Glad to here that :)… good luck