Anyway to edit the contents of a level without opening it ?

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Thanks MostHost, your very right, but not just my materials looking unrealistic. It is the design itself, the interior is too dark all that wood etc.

To quote a graphic designer I was just speaking too.

Here is an example where I took one diffuse map (The carpet pattern) and just darkened it in photoshop. (Below the before and after)

Look how more realistic this rug looks now.

***EDIT What is most incredible about the above identical shots above. Is that the angles look different and they are not.
It is an illusion of course somehow the vibrancy is messing with my brain the and brighter colour makes the rug look closer.
Is that just my brain, can anyone else see that or am I broken ?

Just out of interest here is the difference of both those texture maps, used in the rug above…

Of to learn some more about Material management now.

Thanks for your help MostHost

Theres a specific word for the effect you see. Even though it is normally used when the colors are far more discordant. I can’t recall what is actually called, because it’s likely the name of the person that first wrote it.
Anyway it has to do with color luminance and how a light color with a dark color can appear to be bigger…

Great render :wink:

Thanks Man. That’s interesting I also think its interesting you picked B in the images of the table, I was hesitating on calling E the better render. All is much better now…

I am currently flying through this scene at around 50fps, while its baking !!! Ray tracing is off and I’m testing different wall materials, its looking better.

Getting there, and still not utilising ray tracing. I’m getting a bit of a feel for it now. Wonder where it ends …

Much improvement… Now its really getting realer. The light is getting so nice. Its gonna be awesome with raytracing on + a good post.