Anything for VR?

Hi, is there anything VR related in this UE5 preview?

The VR template is set to forward so no Lumen and setting it to deferred makes no difference in visuals. It’s all either lit or pitch black for not directly lit surfaces.

Trying the FPS example, Lumen works in the scene view, but launching it in VR turns all the visual features off.

Did anyone make any of this work with VR?

Did anyone at Epic ever mention any plans for VR? Or is Lument never gonna happen in VR?


I think they are leaving VR to Unity. No VR love from Epic for a few versions now

Same experience here. But I’m crossing my fingers that Lumen and Nanite will at least have a basic VR support in the 2022 release. :pray: Especially since Hardware Tesselation (and LPV as it seems) is not available anymore. So without any of it I won’t be able to upgrade my current UE4 VR project, which relies on both.

Hitting VR preview in the ValleyOfTheAncient demo crashes UE5 instantly for me - it was at least worth a try. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Same here… That is because it is heavy with Lumen and Nanite and probably other features that are not supported in UE5-EA. For example, at best right now, Nanite works in only one eye, not both. Lumen doesn’t work at all, etc.

Yup, same for me. Instant crash

My best guess would be that once Sony releases their VR HMD for the PS5, Epic will most likely put some love and attention for VR into UE5…since Epic is totally embracing the PS5 as console of choice.

I did get Lumen working in VR with a Brushify project converted to UE5. Still testing but it does work with Instanced Stereo=off.

Stereo Instancing is still broken in UE5 just as is was in earlier versions. Turning it off helps to get both eye’s working for VR for the most part.