Anyone working on light field rendering?

Hi peeps,

I’m starting to investigate light field rendering, partly out of curiosity, and I’m wondering if anyone has done any experiments in UE4 yet? I’m still in the discovery phase and trying to learn the math and concepts behind the technique.
If you are wondering what a light field is, think of ray tracing, except you already have all the photons stored and compressed in textures, allowing you to reconstruct a 3d scene from a simple set of lookups on the gpu. So it is very efficient. It’s pretty incredible actually. Here is an example done in Unity:

Hi TommyBear,

I have been trying out this thing but I can’t seem to figure out how to use the ST plane. I made the UV Plane with a 8x8 grid of cameras

I think I understand that this is how it should be placed

The back plane being the UV Plane while the front one being the ST Plane. So when you view it from the front, each image on the UV plane will be split in U values and V values and finally combine for the viewer as a single image. So for example if we say each image UV values are U1,U2,U3… and V1,V2,V3… So, for the final image the first image will show U1 while the next image in the succession will show U2 according to the raytrace. and so on…

Although all the logic works out. Implementing it in Unreal Engine 4 is a bit of a task… :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi Tommy, I am currently working on light field imaging, to be specific, i developed my own 29M plenoptic camera and finished coding for refocuse, perspective shift and extract 3D point clouds for the taken object by using EPI method. am thinking if i can directly incorporate these to UE4 to generate a perfect 3D model for the recorded object.

How is your current progress?