anyone with 3d TVs?

Hi all,
I would like to know how to show the UE4 output in the format of top-bottom for the LG 3d TVs at 3860x2160.
I want to use one LG 4K TV to show stereoscopic animations using the 4K resolution but halving the frame buffer for each eye.
Is it possible?


Same here :-!

RealD had a solution for Unreal Engine 3 but I don’t think it has been upgraded to UE4 for the moment :frowning:

Also you should be able to make something with Tridef or Nvidia 3DTV Play. Other way shoud be the -emulatestereo command, but I don’t know if it apply image deformation accordingly to the stereo TV side-by-side standard.

Here are some interesting posts, it’s in my to do list but I have not tried yet.

Please let me know if you find the solution. I’m somehow surprised that there is not more interest in this issue, due to the power and quality of experience of passive stereo 3D in 4k TV (particulary LG ones). I think it’s just gonna be “unfashioned” for some time and people has not noticed how powerfull this 3D solution is. It’s understandeble due to the (justified) VR boom and the Cinema&TV 3D “social fatige” , but it’s somehow sad. I think people have just not tried this. It’s not a VR substitute but for other kind of use.

I bought in early with NVIDIA’s 3D Vision as well as Bluray/HDMI1.4 3DTV.
I really enjoyed some of the earlier UE3 based games like the Batman Arkham series - they were great. So it’s interesting that there’s been an ‘undevelopment’ of the compatibility for stereo rendering in UE4. I assume it’s due to architectural changes in the rendering engine and I also assume support may come back as the stereo rendering efforts are focused on VR.

Stereo 3D seems to have always been a niche with the additional costs and performance sacrifice. I collected together a 3xSLI system just for stereo and Phys-X (for Batman and Mafia 2 et al)

I look forward to stereo 3D again soon!

I should mention that I work for a company (Stream TV Networks) that has created a glasses-free 3D display with the powerful rendering components going into the TV rather than your PC. Next year we’re releasing 50", 55" and 65" displays, with a monitor form factor in the works as well (probably 28" or 32"). Everything is in 4K resolution, and you’ll be able to turn the depth up and down just like you would brightness. We can also auto-convert virtually any content into our format (old movies, games, cable tv, live sporting events, etc). I know that’s not a big deal for content creators but it does allow for the consumer to have unlimited content, which goes a long way towards relevancy in the market. I would also say (with bias of course) that we have a better 3D display solution than any of our competition. We’re a device maker, not a brand name, so the price will be set by the actual brands, but the cost of our displays will most likely be comparable with a middle-to-high quality 4K 2D display.

I’ve already converted our SDK into a “plugin” for UE3 and UE4, and while we’re still “behind closed doors”, I expect we’ll be opening our plugins up to the wider world once our hardware starts hitting store shelves. Our SDK doesn’t require you to render your content with two cameras, which means performance costs are essentially non-existent and there’s no special implementation that needs to happen in the scene.

For more information you can check out a few of our websites: (FYI our latest news section could definitely use some love)