Anyone using UE4 for Video/Short Films?

Just a curious question and wanted to know if anyone out there is using the engine to make any kind of short film or solely cinematic videos?

Actually, yes! This was my first intentions for the unreal engine - I wish to make cinematics, and/or short films. I think It could be really fun, and I can’t wait to get started on my first legit project :D.

That’s one of my areas of interest as well, but I don’t see many resources for newbies on how to start and go about it (I’m sure it’ll change eventually).

I am actually doing that right now. Working on a trailer for a video game that is about to come out. Will post in the work completed section when it’s done.

Here we have another example. These guys wanna make their movies but they certainly need assets ,if they’d it they would make something…Another reason to think about expanding marketplace.

Stoked by the response guys! :smiley:
I’m quite curious indeed how they turn out :slight_smile:

I think The engine would also be amazing for Low res Previz for movies and such…so fast and easy to use…all the tools are there.

Also interested in this aspect of Unreal4.
Making short films/movies, episodic content. I am wondering what the max output resolution is though.

Anyone know, or can point me to a doc somewhere?

Making films in Unreal Engine is all I’ve been doing for the last year or so. See examples
The most difficult part I find is NOT using a video editing software. I love UDK, and I love UE4, and there’s so many things you can do in it. Yet little things like adding cutaways, titles, or syncing up audio is a pain in the ****. Simply because this isn’t what matinee is designed to do. Epic used matinee for the Gears of War series yes, but they also used 3DS Max, and video editing software when it came to doing trailers.

Personally I want to be able to do everything in game, that would allow me to keep files organized, and speed up production quite a bit. Sadly UE4 doesn’t add much to matinee, but someone from Epic recently posted saying they are overhauling the system soon, so I am very excited.

TO JUSTLIKE - The max resolution is whatever you set it at I believe. I personally record things in 1080p. But I believe you can go bigger…why you would I’m not sure.

Thanks BallisticG! Good to read that info.
I checked out Rush Wilson …good stuff man! has private settings.

The people behind the Tales of Nalstone youtube channel are using UE4 for creating a short film (or films). They occasionally do livestreams on youtube - showing their workflow and process of creating assets (3D modeling, texture creation, etc.) and working in UE4.

It’s pretty interesting to watch, and they usually give out some good general advice throughout the stream to the people in the chat. In a way, it’s sort of motivational, because you get to watch someone else create 3D content in realtime and observe their workflow. Puts things in perspective after having seen a lot of sped up and edited production videos, and such.

First, sorry for the bad link. I fixed it now, should go to the right video set to unlisted (not a finished piece of work yet).

Secondly, thanks for the compliments!

Lastly, it is difficult but lately I’ve been animating my episodes entirely in UDK and exporting them as finished. The hardest part of the process is sound editing, as matinee doesn’t have audio scrubbing yet. But for titles I’ve been using Kismet to tell UDK to go into a fullscreen cutscene which includes the title card of my show, then cut to the matinee. The next step is going to be splicing in footage from other sources in between animations…to do this I am going to use the Event track to call for fullscreen cutscenes where I want them to be. The downside is that I’d have to convert all my clips to bink videos…but that allows me to skip editing them in an editor and waiting for that to render…

What I love most about this, is by exporting my episodes straight from the engine. My “render” time is literally the length of the video. I play it in game like I was playing any other game, and tell the capture card to capture it and upload to youtube in real time. Seriously, awesome.

Now if only I could find someone with programming knowledge to help me make a machinima engine. Not like Source Filmmaker, but an engine sort of like a shooter game, except with more control over emotes and interactions.

It’s awesome to see other people investigating this too. :slight_smile:

Because I’m easily bored by the render time using any 3d app right now I’m quite confident that I can create my short film within UE4…actually the plan was to develop everything into UDK, but since only the script and some concept art is ready ( its a 1 man only project but at one point I will need help! ) I’m upgrading some of the models that I did and transfer some of the stuff that I did inside UDK.

UE4 looks marvelous and its more user friendly then UDK, so I’m quite confident that the setup of all the stuff it’ll be easier and quicker…

Can’t wait to create a trailer :slight_smile:

Next Generation Full Motion Video Games and Interactive Film

I’m merging my passion for Game and Film production into one, producing Next Generation Full Motion Video Games and Interactive Films with UE4. I’m researching the development of Next Gen Full Motion Video FX NLE and Player Application on top of UE4. I currently use HitFilm, Adobe AfterEffects, and Blender for video editing, chroma-keying, Camera and Motion Tracking, and 2D/3D composting and visual effects. Obviously, lots of tools involved in the process and desire to do it all in UE4 Realtime. To date, there is no dedicated FMV Dev Platform in existence. In my opinion with latest in High Definition Video, photo-realism of realtime 3d graphics, and overall Game Tech advancements, I feel that gamers worldwide deserve a FMV Reboot.

IMAX :slight_smile: or IMAX3D

Have you ever experimented with outputting stereo video?

wow then this would be something i should try out, woudnt require much of blueprints other than triggered events

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Am also looking to develop short films/animations using UE4. I’m an experienced filmmaker with intermediate animation skills but no game experience. Hints, tips and suggestions appreciated. Thank you.