Anyone using UE4 for Video/Short Films?

u hv a great short movie dude…
do you hv any tutorial how to make short video like u did?
ill apreciate that,

A Series

Actually, i’m planning on making a YouTube series and just stumbled upon this post.

I am making a short film using UE4. You can check out the trailer at

Now that its mid 2018, has any one made any progress in this realm. I too am looking to use Unreal for filmmaking and it seems like its the hardest thing in the world to find info on.

Most of the tuts i seen, involve moving a camera around and right clicking pre rigged assets to perform stuff like walking and grabbing stuff.

But what if you have an actual story where you want character to talk and interact. All teh stuff I seen in that respect seems to be to animate in Maya or some other external software and then import that into Unreal. Natuarally when it comes to filmmakeing, that already puts a hitch in the system since if your going to be animating in a 3rd party program, why would you want to go through the trouble of importing to Unreal. (this also seems to be the case with Unity).

Any help or ideas would be greatly apprepriated. Also if anyone out there is also actively pursuing film-making with unity, I would be interested in join up as a way of learning while working on a real project. I’m an experienced animator and have a mocap gear as well as high skill lebel on most animation and graphics software.

Well to do silly things like this

Then yes

But then there is this.

So with Blender and UE4 a bunch of kids could do Pixar quality and give them a run for their money for a Oscar :wink:

And then there is.

unreal 4 real time rendering animation ninja theory award winner - Bing video

Newbus Maximus here. Glad I found this thread and yes the amount of tutorials seem really focused on creating games. I get it, but I want to do cinematic cut scenes. Trailer length videos. I initially am interested in nature settings but once I get comfortable designing levels and doing cinematics, I can go crazy from there. I have a super newb question now too… I would like to know if you can purchase scenes that have all the objects included AND can auto generate scenes? (of course you can tweak them, but to start, hit a GENERATE SCENE button and a level is filled with details which could be randomized before generating) So in doing that I could have a scene, learn to use the camera, and then also learn to tweak the scenes as needed. Or am I way off base here? If it sounds like I want a shortcut, well, then yes, I do. I know that sounds bad, and I am willing to put the work into it, but just want to see how far I can get before I have to dig my heels in. =) I freely admit I am heavily influenced by Maverick’s Speed Level Design videos.