Anyone using OSVR HDK2

Want to pick up a VR headset and was looking into the HDK 2. I like the low cost of entry and the ability to upgrade parts later, and the UE4 plugins. With the recent announcement of the 200 price drop for the Oculus rift bundles the cost gap between the two is so small

HDK 2 = 320 (with discount) + tracking, which I was planning on using the 80 leap motion for a total of $400
Oculus with touch controllers will cost me 600

The Rift is it is a complete setup (may need a 3rd cam) and has support. On the bad side we all know of the lawsuit and attempt to stop rift sales. HDK2 is cheaper, has steam support and if they come out with new parts later I can just upgrade the kit. In any event a strong case could be made to go either way, unless there are some real HDK2 problems I am not aware of

Which is why I am here. I was hoping someone here uses HDK2 either for gaming or development and if so how are you liking it? Also what tracking method are you using? Finally is the 200 price difference small enough that you would have gone with the rift?